Hybrid piano and Silent Piano System

Hybrid Piano is piano with acoustic piano wooden mechanical keyboard and embedded electronic interface under keyboard which follows wooden key movement and transform it to digital electronic MIDI interface commands. Each time you press key on piano keyboard, small computers under each key follows key movement, measures key pressure force and forms midi commands which is sent to digital electronics midi sound modules or computers. Electronic under piano keyboard gives you possibility to connect your wooden piano mechanical keyboard with modern computers and digital electronic devices. By connecting keyboard to modern computers you can use learning software to learn piano playing and it will look like playing computer games, learning playing piano becomes fun. Connecting wooden piano mechanical keyboard to digital electronics sound modules you can select one of expensive grand piano sounds and play it on your wooden mechanical keyboard, it will feel like playing expensive grand piano. Sound generated by digital electronic sound modules you can hear on loudspeakers but you can also use earphones and then only you will hear piano playing and your playing will not disturb anyone else.

Electronic Sensors Instalation

Hybrid Piano and Silent Piano System TV presentation